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Dear Colleague

We are very pleased to announce that “International Symposium On Implementations Of Digital Industry And Management Of Digital Transformation 2021” will be held on 14-15 October, in Konya, Turkey. International Symposium on Implementations of Digital Industry and Management of Digital Transformation 2021, aims to create an opportunity for interacting, sharing and discussing ideas, success stories, good practices, cases, experiences, developments and foresights on worldwide Digital Industry and Digital Transformation issues.
The symposium is organized by InnoPark Konya Technology Development Zone. The symposium will be held online through synchronous connection. Official Language of the symposium is English but, papers in Turkish will be accepted as well. We invite researchers, scientists, experts, business leaders and innovators from universities, companies, institutions, technology providers, communities, agencies, associations and societies to submit papers, proposals for special sessions, workshops and exhibitions focusing on the following symposium topics:
Industry 4.0, IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, Cybersecurity, Augmented / Virtual Reality, Smart factories, Simulation, Cyberphysical Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, Robotics, Advanced Manufacturing Techniques, Management of Digital Transformation, Digital Transformation Macro/Micro Policies Full-text symposium proceedings will be collected in an open-access electronic book. Selected papers will be published in journals “International Journal of Intelligent Computing and Cybernetics”, “IJETIME-International Journal of Emerging Technologies, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship” and “InnoPark Digital Industry”.
The deadline for submitting papers and proposals is April 20th, 2019. Thank you very much in advance for your interest. More details are provided on the symposium website Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information. Best wishes,
Prof.Dr. Fatih Mehmet BOTSALI
Symposium Chairman Professor of Mechanical Engineering,Konya Technical University, Konya, Turkey General Manager of InnoPark-Konya Technology Development Zone +90 532 34108 48

International Symposium On Implementations Of Digital Industry And Management Of Digital Transformation 2021


International Symposium on Implementation of Digital Industry and Management of Digital Transformation 2021 aims academics, business leaders, technology providers and technology innovators come together to discuss and collaborate on digital industry and digital transformation issues. Participants are expected to present success stories and cases on implementations of digital industry and digital transformation.

Participants will have the knowledge and experience that will contribute significantly to their efforts on digital transformation by participating in the symposium and visiting the exhibitions organized during the symposium.

Academicians, researchers, policy makers, practitioners, technology providers, and technology innovators who are dealing with technologies related to digital industry implementations and who believe in the necessity of digital transformation for success in tomorrow’s world are expected to attend International Symposium of Implementations of Digital Industry and Management of Digital Transformation.

The symposium is expected to make significant contributions to managers and experts working in the fields of design, R & D, planning, production, maintenance, repair, service, sales and marketing in the industry in order to prepare themselves for future world.


Industry 4.0

IoT (Internet of Things)

Big Data


Augmented / Virtual Reality

Smart Factories


Cyberphysical Systems

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Vision


Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

Management of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Macro/Micro Policies

Previous Symposium


To Download The Final Symposium Program Click Here.

Event Day Time
Opening Speeches
Keynote Speaker Prof. (Dr.Habilitus) Jose Mendes Machado: Cyberphysical Systems

Symposium Organizers

Supporting Organizations


All papers presented in the symposium will be collected in an open access, electronic symposium proceedings book . Selected oral presentations will be published in “International Journal of Emerging Technologies, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship IJETIME”.

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Do not miss this symposium where solid implementations related to the digital industry will be discussed.
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Honorary Board Of The Symposium

Uğur İbrahim Altay (Mayor of Konya)

Prof.Dr. Babür Özçelik (President of Konya Technical University)

Prof.Dr. Bayram Sade (President of KTO Karatay University)

Prof.Dr. Cem Zorlu (President of Necmettin Erbakan University)

Prof. Dr. Cumhur Çökmüş (President of Konya Food & Agriculture University)

Prof. Dr. Metin AKSOY (President of Selçuk University)

The Symposium Organizing Committee

Prof.Dr. Fatih Mehmet Botsalı (Sempozyum Chair-InnoPark)

Prof. Dr. Şakir TAŞDEMİR (Selçuk University)

Doç.Dr. Mehmet Akif Erişmiş (Necmettin Erbakan University)

Dr. Öğretim Üyesi Ali Osman Çıbıkdiken (KTO Karatay University)

Dr. Öğretim Üyesi Burak Yılmaz (Konya Gıda ve Tarım University)

Dr. Öğretim Üyesi Mehmet Akif Durdu (Konya Teknik University)

The Scientific Committee Of The Symposium

S. Başbuğ, Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli Üniversitesi, Turkey

P. Centobelli, University of Naples Federico II, Italy

S.Çelik, Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University, Turkey

S. Joshi, Doon University, India

E. Khajeh, Kingston University London, U.K.

U. R. Tuzkaya, Yildiz Technical University

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